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Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player Stream online video and music to your TV using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop Supports Netflix, YouTube and Google Play Movies & Music Everything you love, now via IPTV. Chromecast is the easy way to enjoy online video and music on your TV. It’s a thumb-sized media streaming device […]

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Latest Russian HD IPTV Channel List – 29th May 2014

# EXTINF: -1, first HD # EXTINF: -1, Russian HD # EXTINF: -1, Amedia-1HD # EXTINF: -1, Amedia Premium HD # EXTINF: -1, TV1000 Megahit HD # EXTINF: -1, TV1000 Premium HD # EXTINF: -1, TV1000 Comedy HD # EXTINF: -1, Animal Planet HD # EXTINF: -1, […]

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New Live IPTV Channels Wednesday 28th May 2014

#EXTINF:-1,Bein sport 6 HD #EXTINF:-1,Bein sport 7 HD #EXTINF:-1,Bein sport 8 HD #EXTINF:-1,Bein sport 9 HD #EXTINF:-1,Bein sport 10 HD #EXTINF:-1, New Channel #EXTINF:-1, New Channel #EXTINF:-1, New Channel #EXTINF:-1, New Channel #EXTINF:-1, New Channel #EXTINF:-1, New Channel #EXTINF:-1, New Channel #EXTINF:-1, New […]

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Sky Now TV Box Review – Movies, Sky Sports & Entertainment IPTV Channels

The Now TV Box is a £10 gadget that changes over any TV with a HDMI info into a shrewd TV. It provides for you BBC iplayer, Demand 5, Spotify and other on-interest streaming administrations – and, vitally, it gives you a chance to get to Sky Sports and Sky Movies on a pay-as-you-go premise, […]

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Humax DTR-T1010 Review

The Humax DTR-T1010 Youview box looks strikingly changed to a year ago Award-winning DTR-T1000. Where the old form was dark and smooth, this one is silver and sleeker. What’s more that is the place the contrasts end: separated from moving one of the two USB ports to the front behind a board, the specs are […]

Android Free IPTV Channels List, Smart TV, VLC, SimpleTV

[TITLE] SКYWAY INTERNET TV+ v22 [URL] [DESCRIPTION] *СТВ ТНТ [TYPE] FILE [TITLE] SKУWАУ INTERNEТ TV+ v22 [URL] rtmp://streaming.astrakhan—-:1935/live//mp4:37.stream_576p [DESCRIPTION] СТС Астрахань [TYPE] LIVE [TITLE] SKYWAY INTERNET TV+ v22 [URL] rtmp://tvsever—-:1935/live//per1 [DESCRIPTION] *Перец [TYPE] LIVE [TITLE] SКYWАY INTERNET TV+ v22 [URL] rtmp://tvsever—-:1935/live//dom1 [DESCRIPTION] *Домашний [TYPE] LIVE [TITLE] SКYWАY INTERNET TV+ v22 [URL] rtmp:// [DESCRIPTION] СТВ […]

Turkish IPTV Channel List, Stream List, XBMC

#EXTINF:-1,FENERBAHÇE TV rtmp://$OPT:rtmp-raw=rtmp://live.master.cubecdn.net/fbtv playpath=stream1 swfUrl=http://live.master.cubecdn.net/player/stml/swf/flowplayer.commercial-3.2.16.swf live=true pageUrl=http://www.fbtvonline.com/ #EXTINF:-1,GALATASARAY TV rtmp://cdn21.motiwe.com/live/gstv370 #EXTINF:-1,GS TV rtmp://$OPT:rtmp-raw=rtmp://stream.n2.noc.com.tr/live playpath=gstv.stream swfUrl=http://portal.wowzaserver.com/player/latest/flowplayer.commercial-3.2.16.swf live=1 pageUrl=http://portal.wowzaserver.com/player/iFramePlayer.php?uID=20&sID=338 #EXTINF:-1,SPORTS TV rtmp://stream.sportstv.com.tr/sportstv/SportsTV3 #EXTINF:-1,TRT SPOR http://mn-l.mncdn.com/trtspor4/trtspor4/hasbahca.m3u8 #EXTINF:-1,FANATİK TV rtmp://fanatik-l.mncdn.com/fanatik_livestream/livestream3 ATV TV http://yayin.canlitv.com:1935/live/atv/stv39.m3u8 FOX TV http://yayin.canlitv.com:1935/live/foxtv/stv39.m3u8 KANAL 7 http://yayin.canlitv.com:1935/live/kanal7/stv39.m3u8 KANAL D KANALTÜRK http://yayin.canlitv.com:1935/live/kanalturk/stv39.m3u8 KRAL POP NTV NTV SPOR SAMANYOLU TV http://yayin.canlitv.com:1935/live/stv/stv39.m3u8 SHOW TV http://strm-i.glb.pr.medianova.tv:1935/showtv….39.m3u8 STAR […]